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About Rakesh Babber

Born in East Africa, I never imagined that I'd be living in a country like Canada. Yet here I am - my home for more than 30 years.

My early years were in a beautiful country called Kenya. My blissful childhood changed due to civil unrest in the country. The political unrest led my parents to move to London, England. That is where I had my formative years.

The one thing I was good at in my studies was numbers. That led me to major in Computer Science and Mathematics. In 1983, I landed my first job at a medical equipment manufacturer. I gained a taste for problem-solving. The skills I gained, opened the doors for me to other opportunities. Over the years my analytical and financial skills grew.

Fast forward to the late '80s in Canada. I came to Toronto for a vacation with my young family. With a little prompting from my Canadian uncle - whom I can credit for getting me to Canada - and my dad, I applied for a job. To my surprise, I was actually offered a position. We fell in love with Canada but the only problem was we had to apply for a visa to be able to accept the job.

After a year-long approval process, we landed in Canada in March '90. I started my first Canadian job the day after I landed. Even though I had to take a cut from my pay grade in England, I was sure I would do well in the long run. Although I enjoyed my job, I noticed a pattern. Each year after my annual review, I got a pat on the back with a promise of better things to come. Three years passed and unfortunately, that promotion never came. I couldn't see a way out of that loop unless I took some drastic action.

One day I went to work and I quit. I announced that I was going to start my own consulting firm. Did I make the right decision? Three kids under 6 years old and my wife looking after them full time. It was a calculated risk but with full support from my wife, I've never looked back. My consulting endeavours served me well for almost 10 years but I started to get that itch again. I wanted to be able to do better but didn't know what or how.

My introduction to Real Estate as a career was because of my wife. After having raised 3 great boys, it was time for her to start a career. She had a passion for interior design and houses. Real Estate was the obvious choice for her. After she qualified, and she made her first sale, we saw the potential immediately.

During her first 2 years, I started spending a lot of time with her at her open houses and showings. I was the "unlicensed" support. My interest in Real Estate started to grow. I began to enjoy it more than my running IT consulting practice. I had the analytical skills that I needed. I had the financial mindset I needed. I saw a natural fit for myself in the Real Estate industry. My wife encouraged me to study for my license and in 2010 I qualified too.

I've always been good with numbers. To me, numbers tell a unique story each time. Working with Developers and Builders, I learned a lot. Whether it was a parcel of land or an income-generating property. I got the hang of how they invested their money to grow. What numbers they looked at to make their decisions. I saw the types of opportunities that gave them the best returns and why.

Based on what I learned, I became a first-time investor myself in 2016. As a family, we decided to invest in a couple of new-build condos. Four years later, they closed. The experience we gained from the process was invaluable.

I want other people in similar situations to learn from my experiences. Different investments yield different returns. I can show you the advantages and disadvantages of each so you make informed decisions.

What you invest in will depend on your goals. I’m able to show you how you can grow, too, even if you have less initial capital to invest. I take the time to understand your circumstances and plans. Together, we talk through your wants and needs to plan. We find the right options for you so you can see how to grow through Real Estate. I’m excited to put my Smart Investor System to work for you.